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Assignment: Case Study: Assessment and Diagnoses
Use the one case study and answer the following questions:
a. How is the family meeting affective, socialization, reproductive, economic and health care functions?
b. Identify the developmental stage of this family; what are the developmental tasks this family must achieve during this stage? What do you believe is their present ability to achieve these tasks?
c. What are the short and long-term stressors impacting this family? What strengths counterbalance these stressors? How is the family reacting to these stressors (identify functional and dysfunctional coping strategies)?
d. Formulate one nursing diagnoses for this family.
e. If there is not enough data in the case study to assess the above, what questions/information is needed to assess these criteria?
f. Locate and utilize at least one peer-reviewed article as one reference.
Instructions for Completing Case Study Answers:
2. Answer the questions.
3. Format for the answers:
o Content must clearly answer the questions. If not clearly addressed, no points will be earned.Provide examples, rationale, explanations, and citation sources to support your conclusions as appropriate.
o Maximum of 5 typed double-spaced pages, excluding the title and reference page.
o Use section/paragraph headings for each question, i.e. Family Functions, Family Developmental Stage, Stressors, Strengths, Coping Strategies, Nursing Diagnoses, and Missing Key Information Needed.
Reed family
Azalia Reed (Black American) became the guardian for her four grandchildren when her son-in-law, Tyron (Black American) was imprisoned for the murder of his wife, Opal (Black American). Tyron received a 20 year sentence when his children were young. The three younger children were watching TV in the next room when the murder occurred. The children are: Jamala, aged 13, Daymond, aged 12, LaQuita, aged 8, and Morganna, aged 6, all Black Americans. At the time of the incident, Tyron had falsely accused Jamala of having sex with her boyfriend. During the argument, Tyron had become violent, slapping Jamala several times. He then left the room and Opal began to comfort Jamala. Tyron returned with a gun and shot Opal who was shielding Jamala. As a result, Jamala feels responsible for her mother’s death and her father’s imprisonment.
Azalia had retired from working in sales at Macy’s Department Store when she became the custodian of her grandchildren 2 years ago. She is currently 67 years old with osteoarthritis. She remains physically active, going to the pool three times a week while the children are at school. Azalia continues to live in the home where she raised her family – a modest 3 bedroom bungalow in a suburb with a large backyard where she gardens. In fact, Azalia grows much of her family’s food and spends quite a bit of time in the late summer and fall preserving fruits and vegetables. Azalia is very active in her church, taking her grandchildren each Sunday. Each Sunday after church, the rest of the family comes to Azalia’s home for supper. The large extended family includes Azalia’s other four daughters, their significant others and children. Altogether, included in the family is Azalia, daughter Opal’s 4 children (mentioned above), daughter Imelda with husband Mark (Black American) and their 3 children (Black American), daughter Jocelyn with boyfriend Todd ( multi-racial) and their 2 children (multi-racial), and daughter LaRae with her 3 children (Black American). All of the family members live within 10 minutes of each other.
Azalia lives on a fixed income with a small retirement and social security. Her income does not cover all of the expenses of her expanded household so her other daughters contribute hand me down clothing and toys for the children, as well as some money each month. The family eats very simple but healthy food and Azalia has signed the elementary aged children up for subsidized meals at school. Jamala is discontent with their poverty and is badgering Azalia to allow her to work. Jamala’s best friend recently invited her to spend the night when her parents were out and the two girls had sneaked some alcohol and pot from the friend’s parent’s locked cabinet. Jamala thought this was great and decided to approach a local marijuana dealer in order to begin selling pot to her friends. She found that drinking and smoking pot made her feel much better about herself and less guilty about her mother’s death.
Daymond has entered puberty and is moody with bouts of aggressiveness. He feels responsible as the only male in a household of females and frequently attempts to boss them around. This results in arguments and discord within the household. Azalia gently attempts to re-direct his aggressiveness into physical activity. Since she only raised girls, Azalia feels a little out of her element in parenting Daymond. She doesn’t understand his coping methods of fighting, punching, and tearing up things. Daymond signed up for the football team at school and has been smoking cigarettes after practice.
LaQuita is shy and spends most of her time reading. If she’s not reading, then LaQuita can be found outside on the swing set. As LaQuita seems to occupy herself well, she receives little attention.
Morganna as the youngest gets quite a bit of attention. However, if she feels that she is not the center of attention, she begins to throw tantrums. She will break other’s belongings, cry endlessly, and tries to perform constantly in order to get attention. Morganna has a difficult time occupying herself, preferring to be surrounded by others at all times.
Azalia often worries about the future, how long she will live and who will care for Opal’s children if something should happen to her, especially as her other daughters have their own families and very busy lives. She also worries that Tyron will be released from prison and come for his children again. She doesn’t know how long her funds will support them and lives one day at a time through her deep faith.

This is the second part of the paper that goes along with the case study.
a. Based on Module 2 assignment nursing diagnosis, what specific nursing interventions would you suggest?
b. Reviewing family demographics, culture, and socioeconomic factors, why are these interventions appropriate?
c. What are possible outcomes? Patient centered, family centered? In measurable terms?
d. How will you evaluate whether these outcomes are achieved? When and who is expected to measure achievement of these outcomes? In other words, how will you know if your nursing interventions were successful or not?
e. Locate and utilize at least one additional peer-reviewed article as one reference.
• Maximum of no more than 5 double-spaced pages
• Use section/paragraph headings, i.e. Specific Nursing Intervention, Outcomes, and Evaluation of Outcomes.

For the first paper 4 pages and then for the last one, no more that 4 pages.
APA Format Please and reference page please