Assessment and Politics

The following post has two assignments namely;

1. Assessment and Politics

Refer to Mathison and Kristi Fragnoli‘s assertion that assessment is political? Are our
current standards and assessment strategies good or bad, with respect to effective
social studies education? What would you change if you had the power?


See Set Theory Module 1 Instructions.docx for full instructions:
Express each set using set builder notation. Use the inequality notation to express the condition x must meet
in order to be a member of the set.

1. {56, S7, 58. 59.

2. {3,4,S,6,…,37}


u ={1.2,3,4,S,6,7, 8}

A = {1. 7, 8}

B = { 2, 7. 8}


3. A n B

4. C n 0

5. (A u B)fl