Assessment Resource Summary

Assessment Resource Summary
Course     Diploma of Management
Unit of Competency     Develop operational plan
Duration of Training and Learning     100 hours
Term and Year      Term 4A, 2015    Trainer    Shabes Panch
Assessment Methods    Due in Week
Assessment  1    Develop an operational plan – 35%    3
Assessment  2   Plan and manage resource acquisition- 30%    4
Assessment  3   Monitor and review operational performance-35%    5
Last Modification Date    October 2015

Submission details
The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
Performance objective
The candidate will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to develop operational plans in consultation with key stakeholders.
Assessment description
In response to a simulated business scenario, you will research resource requirements and develop an operational plan in consultation with relevant stakeholders. As a part of the development of your plan, you will set performance indicators, plan for contingencies, and obtain approval in accordance with organisational requirements.

Assessment Task 1: Develop an operational plan
You are required to review an organisation’s business plan to complete an operational plan.

1.    Identify an organisation and choose one of the following.
a.    Make arrangements to complete this project within your own organisation with appropriate personnel.
b.    Contact an organisation and obtain permission from the appropriate personnel to complete this project.
c.    If you are not currently employed and can not identify another organisation to complete this assessment you may use the simulated organisation information provided in Appendix 1.
2.    Obtain a copy of the organisation’s business plan or use the simulated business plan provided and review the information contained in the plan.
3.    Consult with appropriate personnel within the organisation as required in order to obtain all of the information you require to complete the plan.
If you are using the simulated organisation information provided to complete this assessment you need to complete a consultation strategy that details who you would consult with, why you would consult with them and the method of consultation.
4.    Complete an operational plan using the organisations template/format or your own template/format. (sample operational plan template)
•    Develop performance indicators for operational and financial targets and amend existing operational plans to include KPIs and financial targets.
•     Develop balanced scorecard
?    outline of identified risks and contingency planning
?    benefits to organisation
5.    Obtain sign off from key stakeholders by obtaining their signature on the completed operational plan.
If you are using the simulated organisation information to complete this activity you are required to complete this step using the trainer as an organisational stakeholder.

To be deemed competent you will need to successfully demonstrate the following:
Deliverable Specifications
•    You are required to submit a completed operational plan using the organisation’s template/format or another template/format.
•    Completed plan must include signatures and comments of key stakeholders from the organisation.
Note: Students who use the simulated organisation information to complete this assessment are not required to complete this component.
Quality Specifications
•    evidence of use of the organisation’s business plan to determine an operational planning need
•    evidence of consultation with key stakeholders:
o    Include names and positions of all people consulted and briefly describe the nature and method of the consultation.
o    For learners completing this assessment using the simulated organisation information you must submit a copy of a consultation strategy that details all of the people you would consult with, why you would consult with them and the proposed method of the consultation.
•    The operational plan must include the following information:
o    Business goal: demonstrating an understanding of the organisations business goals and objectives.
o    Objectives: understanding of what will be achieved through the implementation of the operational plan.
o    Strategy: clear vision of the overall strategy for achieving the objective.
o    Key actions: understanding of the key tasks required for implementing the plan including:
?    deliverables
?    person responsible
?    timeline
?    budget
?    resource requirements.
o    Key performance indicators: demonstrated use of SMARTT KPIs.
o    Contingency plans: demonstrated understanding of risks and identification of appropriate mitigants.
o    Outcome: clear vision of the expected outcome that demonstrates achievement of the strategy.
o    Approvals: demonstrated understanding of the organisations operational plan approval process.

Appendix 1
Assessment simulated organisation information.
The Office Assistant
‘The Office Assistant’ is a retail store that sells office products and services. The company has 25 stores around Australia.
Key products include:
•    office supplies
•    ink and toner needs
•    electrical equipment
•    office furniture.
Key services include:
•    photocopying
•    printing
•    equipment hire
•    packaging and posting services.
Business plan
•    The organisation has a strategic objective to grow the services component of their business in the next twelve months. Their objective is to increase services sales by 10% by 30 June 201X.
•    The senior management team has advised all store managers that they are responsible for developing and implementing an operational plan that will deliver this increase in sales for their store.
•    The business has advised the store managers that they must complete an operational plan to achieve sales growth of 10% and submit this plan for approval before implementing.
Additional information
Your operational plan should include;
•    The expansion of services to include graphic design services.
•    Acquisition of additional printer, photocopier and delivery van to provide for the increase in sales.
•    Reorganisation of fixtures and fitting within the store to make space for the new equipment.
•    Multi-skilling of current retail product staff to include service knowledge.
•    Increase in human resource requirements as follows:

Number of additional resources required.    Ten full time equivalent employees.
Full time or part time hours.    Full time and part time hours.
Permanent or casual employment.    Permanent and casual.
Required start date.    1 February 201X.
Expect length of employment.    On-going.
Skills required to perform in the role.    •    customer service
•    communication
•    numeracy
•    knowledge of office products and services
•    graphic design (for 4 FTE only).
Training you are able to provide.    Product and service knowledge.
Qualifications required.    Formal graphic design qualifications for 4 FTE.
Pay levels.    Retail assistant – $14 – $20 per hour (plus 25% loading for casual employees).
Graphic designer – $22 – 25 per hour (plus 25% loading for casual employees).

Note: as this is a simulated activity you are permitted to make up additional information to complete your operational plan.