Assignement 1 micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice


Micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice. Micro practice describes direct interaction and intervention with individual clients, client systems, and small groups. Micro work involves engaging directly, or preparing to engage directly, with clients to resolve individual issues. Micro social work effects change on an individual basis and involves working closely with clients to support them in achieving and sustaining client-driven goals. Mezzo work focuses on change organizational level, and primarily focuses on formal groups and complex organizations. Mezzo level work involves working with smaller groups and institutions and focuses on improving or enhancing agency, organizational, and/or community programs. Mezzo social work also tends to interact directly with the populations they serve. Macro work involves addressing and/or resolving public issues, larger community concerns, legislative change, etc. Macro social work aims to understand how problems originate, develop, and persist in large systems, and what changes in policy may improve or resolve the identified concern/issue. Macro social workers may or may not interact directly with the populations they seek to help. Macro activities relate to policy, legislation, addresses program development, planning, organization, and evaluation. Macro social work can also include community organizing, policy analysis, legislative advocacy, program evaluation, community education, and human services management. Instructions Your summary should:

•Describe your learning experience and clearly identify the level of practice, including the rationale for that choice. •From week to week, you must address all three levels of practice – (example, Week 2 may focus on micro practice, week 3 mezzo, and week 4 macro). You must make connections at all levels of practice over the course of the semester. •You may not necessarily be directly involved with the intervention, the purpose of the summary is for you to demonstrate an understanding all three levels of practice. For example, if your (micro) work involves Medicaid billing, you may not be actively involved in changing Medicaid polices (macro), but you must demonstrate an understanding of how Medicaid policies and regulations impact access to services. An example of mezzo services would include you giving a training on Medicaid billing within your department. Align your efforts with the Ten Competencies: •Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior •Engage diversity and difference in practice •Advance human rights and social and economic justice •Engage in practice-informed research and research informed practice •Engage in policy practice •Engage with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities •Assess individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities •Intervene with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities •Evaluate practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities •Develop as a social work leader Consult with your Field Instructors; they are a valuable resource in exploring and understanding levels of practice.Talk with your Field instructors about how the levels of practice influence each other in your particular setting. My field placement is working with older adult and depart of Adult protective Services