Assignment 2: Scientific Theorist Obituary (15%)

Assignment 2: Scientific Theorist Obituary (15%)
In this assignment, you will apply your knowledge of different concepts in modern evolutionary theory by writing an obituary for an early evolutionary (pre-Darwin) thinker.
You will post your completed assignment to the class blog.
Learning Outcomes
Assignment 2 is aimed to help you achieve the following:
Discuss and compare the elements of the theory of evolution.
Recognize evolutionary processes on different temporal scales.
Relate the changes in evolutionary thinking by outlining how historical approaches are continuously modified to accommodate new findings.
Apply the principles of evolutionary theory to a myriad of contemporary problems and questions.
Interpret and communicate scientific knowledge and results effectively to a wide audience (the general public and scientific community).
Appreciate the way in which scientific inquiry is embedded in the fabric of the society in which it exists.
Assignment 2 Task Weighting Due Date
Write the Scientific Theorist Obituary and post it to the class blog 15% End of Week 7
For due dates, note that your tutor may give you a specific day and time. Check the course schedule for updates from your tutor.
To complete Assignment 2, do the following:
1. Choose any scientist, covered in the lessons prior to Darwin, who has left a legacy important for development of evolutionary theory.
2. From the perspective of a modern evolutionary theorist, write an 800–1,200-word obituary of this scientist.
3. For an example of a similar but a more extensive obituary, please read an article on Mayr inTimes.
4. Highlight and explain the significance for contemporary evolutionary theory of the discoveries made by this scientist.
5. Check that you have demonstrated your grasp of the learning outcomes stated for this assignment.
6. Post your completed answer to the class blog and also send it to your tutor.
Submitting Your Assignment
Use a font size that is 10 to 12 points, and use one-inch margins for the page layout.
Check your answer for plagiarism and use the Assessment Checklist (below) before you submit your assignment.
In this assignment, you will be assessed for all blogging criteria: quality of your post, communication skills, critical thinking and self-reflection, participation, and adherence to blogging protocol. Follow the guidelines for blogging and re-read the explanation of criteria provided in the Course Overview.
Writing Guidelines
For an overview of the writing expectations for this course review the “Writing Guidelines” document and follow the “Assessment Checklist” below.
Assignment 2: Scientific Theorist Obituary (15%)