Assignment 3

Assignment 3
The building industry involves working with contaminates, variant materials and having to comply with the relevant legislation. In this assignment you are to investigate and report on one of these factors. You are to choose from the list stated below and prepare a 1000 word essay.

Students to investigate hazardous materials and chemicals which may be present in older buildings and

(a) To describe where these might be found or used;

(b) Why they were used;

(c) Why they are not now used; and

(d) What has replaced them.

Then to recommend and argue for feasible, innovative and sustainable solutions. The materials and chemicals include:

(a) Asbestos

(b) Organochlorins

(c) Lead paint

(d) Lead piping

(e) Mercury

(f) Chromated copper arsenate preservative

(g) Arsenic treating of termites

(h) PFCs – perflurocarbons

(i) Plate glass in high rise constructions

(j) Changes in pool fencing legislation

(k) Building regulations in bush fire areas