assignment 3

assignment 3

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Your line manager is happy with your analytical and presentation skills. Finally he would like to test your marketing and HR awareness and requests you to prepare a
report along with your colleague about the general recruitment techniques, marketing strategies, and marketing mix for a Hotel (Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu) of your
choice operating in the UAE.
Task 3: Paired report (20 marks)
Turnitin Submission date: May 2nd, 2017

3.1a Examine the main ways the Hotel segments the market using demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral variables.
3.1b Identify the segments the Hotel is targeting.
3.1c Explain how they are positioned in the market against their main direct and indirect competitors.
3.1d PRODUCT: Identify the services offered and examine how they are developed to sustain competitive advantage
3.1e PLACE: Explain how the “place” strategy is arranged to provide customer convenience
3.1f PRICE: Explain how prices are set to reflect the organization’s objectives and market conditions
3.1g PROMOTION: Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to achieve its aims for the target market
3.1h Analyze the additional elements of the extended marketing mix

3.1i Make recommendations for improvements to the marketing mix

3.1j Research on the recruitment and staffing policies along with the motivational techniques employed for employee satisfaction.

You need to produce a detailed report covering the segmentation, targeting and positioning of Holiday Inn’s services, as well as all the elements of the marketing and
extended marketing mix for the hotel.
Identify the target market that the hotel appeals to.
Identify the targeting strategy used and evaluate how successful it is.
Identify how the hotel is positioned against their competition
Include a detailed product range and portfolio for the hotel.
Apply Strategic techniques like BCG matrix and Ansoff’s growth matrix
Investigate and report on the “place” strategy used by the hotel
Provide pricing details of the services offered. Identify the different pricing strategies used by the organization. Investigate some factors influencing these pricing
Produce information on various promotional activities undertaken by the hotel. This could include advertising, personal selling sales promotion, social media,
publicity and PR activities etc.
Provide a brief information on the additional elements of the extended marketing mix and explain how important they are to the hotel.
Recommend improvements to the marketing mix covering only 4 elements:-product, price, place and promotion.
Research and provide evidence about the sources of recruitment, staff cultural diversity and motivational techniques employed to ensure employee satisfaction.