Assignment 7.1: Personality Theories

Assignment 7.1: Personality Theories
create a chart comparing the theories of the following psychoanalytic psychologists:

Sigmund Freud

Carl Gustav Jung

Alfred Adler

Karen Horney

Erik Erikson

Your chart should include the following areas: Theorist, orientation, key motivational forces, model of personality structure, and view of personality development.




Motivational forces

Model of personality structure

Personality development

Sigmund Freud


Sex and …

Id …

Emphasis on …

Select one psychologist from your chart and use the Internet as a research tool to explore the personality theory of this psychologist.

Write a 1-page summary of your chosen theorist and his/her view of personality development.

Using a word processing program (such as MS Word), write a summary of your findings on the theorist you selected.

Be sure to describe clearly and briefly how personality development occurs according to your chosen theorist.