Assignment Brief

Assignment Brief
Clear statement of the work that students are expected to undertake:

This coursework will assess the various topics taught in the first five weeks of this module. It has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop their ability to critical evaluate the property markets, cycles and consider various statistics.

Produce a written report which compares and contrasts the indicators/trends of the city centre office market in two cities of your choice.

You should also include a reasoned opinion of likely market trends within your chosen sector over the next 12 months.

Additional Instructions to students:

Your report should contain a review of the relevant literature on your chosen city centres by referring to theory in published literature and current issues in professional reports.

You should obtain relevant data from appropriate sources which can be used to show important trends. You may use tables and graphs to illustrate figures and statistics rather than text.

The literature and data should be analysed critically and your argument should have a clear logical structure. You need to interpret the data comparing and contrasting the two cities and drawing your own conclusions.

Finally summarise the report and provide reasoned predictions for the next 12 months based on your findings.

Further Information
Learning Outcomes assessed

• Examine the characteristics of the property market
• Consider economies of scale
• Examine the impact of supply and demand on the property market
• Analyse market structure, growth and functioning of towns and cities
Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:

Review of literature and secondary data 30%
Interpretation and critical analysis of data 40%
Conclusion 20%
Presentation 10%