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Developing confidence and competence in the first 6 months as a graduate nurse requires the translation of knowledge to practice.

New graduate nurses often experience challenges in the following areas:

Assimilation (fitting in – “being accepted by the team”)
Medication management
Time management
Write an essay that identifies and analyses strategies to assist your own development as a reflective practitioner in relation to one of these challenges.

Presentation and content of this assessment task:

Write in the first person (refer to yourself as “I”).

Use the content from Module 1 to help write your essay.

Use examples from your PEP experience to explore the issues that you raise.

Assessment Criteria:

Demonstrates the qualities of a reflective practitioner by critically discussing own professional development needs and strategies to work with others.
Integrates ideas obtained from unit content, academic sources, and from PEP to develop strategies to support practice development as a graduate nurse.
Explores governance and regulatory frameworks in discussing autonomy, accountability, and practice as a graduate nurse.
Communicates in academic writing.