Association vs Causation

All writing assignments will be graded on quality of writing as well as content. All papers should be written for an audience of competent people who have not had a statistics class (think of a newspaper article or summary report to be read by your supervisor). All papers should be easy to read, i.e. paragraph form, typed (word processed) in a standard 12-point font with reasonable margins and double spaced. Use full sentences, proper grammar and spelling, and make sure that your paper is coherent and accurate. This article should be approximately 1 page in length. Please refer to the grading rubric for specific expectations.
Writing Assignment 3 Topic
Write an attention-getting article on the theme “Association Does Not Imply Causation.” Give at least 2 pointed but not¬too-serious examples like that of example 6 in section 15.5 of the online textbook, where a relationship or association exists between two variables, but the relationship is clearly not a result of one variable causing change in the other variable, in either direction. You are allowed to make up plausible examples, but it is recommended that you try to find real life examples in the media. Make sure that the reader is left with the understanding that just because two things are associated (correlated), a change in one does not necessarily cause a change in the other.