Attitude and behavior

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Essay Questions

If attitudes frequently contain implicit or subconscious components, is there any point to trying to change people’s explicit attitudes? Why or why not?

Give an example of a time you did something that you now recognize was motivated by cognitive dissonance. Explain how you distorted your thoughts to justify your behavior. (Hint: if you are describing something you still think is correct, you won’t be able to fully answer this question.)

Describe two ways that facial expressions can affect attitudes. How can you use these theories to make positive changes in your life?

The theory of planned behavior is a very rational, careful way of describing how attitudes (among other things) lead to behavior.
Give an example of a time that you decided on a behavior that comes close to fitting this model.
How much of your daily behavior seems to fit into this model?

Describe a political attitude that you feel strongly to be correct. Now, imagine that you are talking to people who don’t necessarily agree with you. How would you inoculate them against the counterargument? Give two examples of specific wording you would use, and describe how the examples meet the definition of inoculation.