(Augustine) the problem of evil, On Free Choice of the Will

  1. “Problem” – Introduce the selected problem in terms of the statements
    comprising it. Explain why there is a problem with these statements.
  2. “Solution” – Summarize the solution that you see the philosopher propose
    for the problem you’ve chosen in their text. This may be, but need not be,
    an entirely original interpretation based on your own reading of and
    thinking about the text. In any event, you should cite this text whenever
    appropriate, though such citations all may be informal.
  3. “Assessment” – Provide an assessment of the philosopher’s solution. This
    either can be a criticism of the philosopher’s solution to your selected
    problem, a further argument supporting this solution, or a more skeptical
    position. Though you are encouraged to use the course text for support,
    you should develop this assessment based on your own reasoning.