automated banking system

COIS-3040H Assign1

1. [20 marks] Consider an automated banking system. Customers access the ABM terminal to deposit or withdraw money or pay bills. TrentMoney wants to set up generic ABMs to cash in on transaction fees.
software architecture that covers the entire system – ABM terminals, Interac, banking servers, and the companies receiving monies for bills. We may not know exactly how the banking servers deal with transactions but we can show the components that they would need and suggest possibilities for communication.
Your first step is to identify the components in the system and possible connectors. Then you’ll need to consider the three parts of a software architecture: elements, form, rationale.
Then I want you to develop three alternative software architectures for TrentMoney. For each of these provide:
•    A description of the architectural style and the rationale for this choice ?
•    A description of any architectural patterns chosen and the rationale for these choices ?
•    A topological diagram of the system ?
•    A deployment diagram of the system ?You should submit a professional looking report containing the three alternatives for the software architecture for TrentMoney along with the supporting information. You should also include a recommendation for the architecture that you prefer along with the rationale for your choice. ?2. [20 marks] Find 5 examples of software projects that have failed due to faulty design. Describe the reasons for the failure, whether it was caused by an accidental or essential difficulty, and provide solutions for how they could have avoided the failure. ?3. [20 marks] Search the Internet for software design tools. Select one of them to write a 1 to 2 pages report on the application of the tool. Your report should including the following: ?
•    Background information – company (URL), motivation of development and purpose of the tool; ?
•    Application – how to use the product (example); ?
•    Input/Output and user Interface; ?
•    Cost and Product reviews – are there any outside reviews of the product, if so find ?them and summarize the review; ?
•    Possible references. ?