Aviation marketing

Dramatic changes are occurring in the marketing arena. Advances in digital and social media have taken the marketing world by storm. The key is to blend the new digital approaches with traditional marketing to create a smoothly integrated marketing strategy and mix. Sensible consumption has made a comeback, and it appears to be here to stay. The challenge is to balance the brand’s value proposition with current times while also enhancing its long-term equity. In recent years, marketing has become a major part of the strategies for many not-for-profit organizations. Also, in an increasingly smaller world, many marketers are now connected globallyPreview the document with their customers and marketing partners. Marketers are being called on to take greater responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their actions. Today, marketers of all kind are taking advantage of new opportunities for building value-added relationships with their customers, their marketing partners, and the world around them. (Kolter & Armstron, 2016, p. 32)
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In your discussion post, describe the major trends and forces that are changing the marketing landscape in the aviation industry in this age of relationships. You may choose to concentrate on two or three trends and forces first, leaving room for your classmates to present some major trends and forces of their own. Besides the course text, you might want to gather information from current business periodicals and news.