Baccalaureate education

Read The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Education and the 10M Nursing Education Brief from the reading list and answer the following:
Define one of the Baccalaureate Essentials and discuss its impact on nursing practice. Share your reflection and understanding of the selected Essential in your own words (response should not be completely cited) Explain the major differences between baccalaureate and associate degree education. Do not discuss the length of education, 2 vs. 4 years, instead write about the curriculum or any other aspects of the education found in the above readings. Explain the factors that have impacted the healthcare environment over the past 50 years (cite from the readings listed above, cannot be solely your opinion). Include in your response why it is essential now more than ever to have baccalaureate prepared nurses as the minimum entry level for practice. Autonomy and Accountability: Define autonomy followed by your personal understanding. Explain one action or behavior that improves or maintains your ability to work autonomously. discuss how the action specifically improves your autonomy. Define accountability followed by your personal understanding. Discuss how accountability helps nurses improve quality care or improve outcomes.