Balanced Scorecard for Charles Chocolates

Ivey Publishing Charles Chocolates (A) Zietsma, Charlene W13356-PDF-ENG Version: 2014-11-17
CHARLES CHOCOLATES 1. What is their current business level strategy of Charles Chocolates in 2012? Justify your reasoning. (5%) 2. Is this an attractive industry? Support using appropriate environmental scanning techniques (Example: PESTEL, 5 Forces, SWOT). (30%)

  1. What are the key success factors that you would recommend for analyzing the industry if you worked for Charles Chocolates? (5%)
  2. Evaluate and assess the resources and capabilities of Charles Chocolates using the VRIO model? (5%)
  3. Prepare a Balanced Scorecard for Charles Chocolates identifying 2 measures for each perspective that you think would be useful. Defend briefly why are you choosing these measures? (8%)
  4. What strategy do you recommend that Charles Chocolates should follow to succeed in the next 5 years? Discuss and support with relevant analysis. (20%)
  5. Use Blue Ocean methodology to identify a potential new blue ocean for Char with relevant analysis. (12%)