‘Banquo, Macduff, Malcolm’ analysis

1. Select a “secondary” character (Banquo, Macduff, Malcolm) and analyze the way in
which he or she serves as a foil to a central character and thus help to expand your
understanding by contrast. (A foil is a character who enhances another through
contrast). You could also theoretically use Lady Macbeth as a secondary character to
2. Does power corrupt automatically? Apply this famous expression to the events and
characters in Macbeth. You can focus on a single character or several. You may take the
position that it always corrupts, never corrupts, or sometimes corrupts, but be sure to
provide textual support.
3. Is Macbeth a tragedy of fate or of character? In determining your position on this,
consider whether the witches play a central or collateral role in shifting the ambitions
and actions of the play’s characters.