Obama, his father and his grandfather all confront the problem of being black men in a society dominated by a white power structure. Using the te. and what you have learned from reading it closely, write an analysis of “Dreams from my father in which you contrast the life experience of these three men. The following questions might help you started,
a) What connections can you draw between how the British treated black people in Kenya and the Jim Crow laws of the American South?
b) Think carefully about how °barna, half-brothers and other relatives live their lives in Kenya and compare their experiences with those of the people Obama work with when he does his community organizing work in Chicago. What is similar? What is different?
c) All three men find different ways to cope with their (situation. What approach does each of them take? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these approaches? d) What do you think Obama learns from his trip to Kenya that will influence his life when he returns to the U.S?
Additional information regarding the paper: 5 sources must be used including the book -Dreams From my father-biography of his mother and father.