Barriers in Strategic Planning

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Barriers in Strategic Planning

Write an explanation of strategies you would use to minimize or address barriers, including resistance to change, related to your strategic plan (Barrier: Training staff on home based telehealth, Barrier: Obtaining equipment for home based telehealth, Barrier: Veterans willing to participate and meeting criteria to participate in home based telehealth). Explain how you would promote stakeholder involvement for your proposed change, and encourage them to become change champions. Course project is: Home based Telehealth for Veterans in Primary Care Setting

2.Impact of corporate communication in samsung corporation

Organizations cannot exist without communication and good communication is essential for successful performance within the organization. According to Robbins a Judge (2008), “communication serves four major functions within a group or organization: control, motivation, emotional expression and information”. Discuss the impact of corporate communication in the efficiency of the organization.