Begin research on the types of writing done in Hospitality Management Field.


Next, list the types of writing you found, then choose one on which to focus this part. Were you aware that your job would include this task? Do you feel prepared to do this type of writing?End with a paragraph to discuss what you learned about the types of writing that professionals in Hospitality Management Field do. What did you learn new and how can it apply to your ideas for your future profession?

Part 2: choose ONE idea from your findings in Part 1 for a report project, which centers on Professional Writing in Hospitality Management field.In a Word document, (Times New Roman 12, 1″ margins, no extra spacing between entries, double-spaced paragraphs, correct labeling of assignment):• Identify your topic choice for the project and explain its connection/relevance in Hospitality Management field.• What do you want to accomplish with your project?• What is your preliminary idea for the course project?• What time management tactics will you employ to complete the project?• Posts should be between 200 and 250 words for Part 2. Edit to remove errors.