Behavioral Leadership Concepts

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1. For each of the following Figures that depict leadership behaviors in context, describe how understanding the suggested relationships between leaders and followers in each diagram might provide you as a leader with knowledge necessary to self-monitor your own behaviors (this is an activity to help students practice applying leadership theories to their own leadership development): 2. Selected articles in Section III & IV of Leadership Classics provide insight on the attributes associated with several leadership styles/approaches. For each of the following leadership styles, list 4 behaviors or observable leadership actions or activities for each (feel free to develop your own table to easily share your perspectives with peers). Then explain which are your 2 dominate or self-identified leadership styles 3. Please select a few of the leadership styles that you feel reflect your current beliefs and attitudes. Then, since it is really behaviors that are indicators of leadership style. List 4 behaviors, observable actions/activities (things you can see and measure).