behind the times”

behind the times”

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Sometimes, the church in America lags “behind the times” in relating to current generations! We can fall into the trap of using “outdated methodology” to accomplish current vision, mission, and values. In this assignment, we will consider timeless means of discipleship, wile also exploring recent models that might be effective in our ministry settings.

In your final paper, be sure to include the following: In 500 words, address the following: You have been exposed to various models of discipleship in your own life and faith tradition. Explain models you have personally experienced, promoted, or led. What worked well, and what was not effective? Why? If you have not had these experiences, speak to someone who has and ask the person for his or her perspective.

You have also read about the Jesus and Paul models offered in chapters 4 and 5 of Making Disciples Jesus Way: A Few at a Time (Ogden 2007). In 500 words, address the following: Describe the most effective principles from these two discipleship models that might work well in the twenty-first century. In Ogden’s words, “Given Jesus’ and Paul’s models of disciple making, what principles can you extract that provide the connectors to a contemporary, church-based strategy of making and reproducing disciples of Jesus?” (Ogden 2007, XX).

In 650 words, address the following: Create a discipleship plan, that is, a Curriculum for Christlikeness that could be effective in the ministry setting to which God has called you to lead. You may include excerpts from a previous assignment (A Biblical Model for a Small-Group Ministry).

Compile your response in at least 1,650 words. The paper is to be of academic quality that indicates its level of excellence through its presentation of a clear, concise argument that is supported by academic resources. Write the paper in Microsoft Word document.

Ogden, Greg. 2007. Making Disciples Jesus Way: A Few at a Time. Accessed June 19, 2015. Summary.pdf.