Believing Women in Islam

In her book Believing Women in Islam, addresses the accusation that Islam is an inherently patriarchal religion. However, Barlas-just like the speaker in the Ted Talk everyone liked so much-says that the patriarchy is in the reading/interpretation of the Qur’an as many have read it through a patriarchal lens (mostly men). To address her point, please respond to the following questions, using chapters 4 and 5, along with lecture notes, to inform your answers (but use your own words): What is patriarchy? Is God in Islam represented/symbolized as a male or viewed as a father or patriarch? Do men, according to Islam, have any godly or divine attributes? Do they get to share any of God’s power? Are men and women viewed as having different sexual natures? Are men viewed as aggressive or have a higher sex drive than women? Are women viewed as passive/have a lower sex drive than men?