Benchmark – Mentoring Plan

This benchmark assignment has two parts. In 1,500-2.000 words (not including the bibliography). write a two-part paper

on the need to incorporate biblical mentoring (being mentored and mentoring others) into your ministry. Use the features

and structures of your church tradition as you develop your plan. Use the course readings and fectures to focus your


Part 1: Vision

State your vision for pastoral mentoring and the relationship of the local church to mentoring relationships. Consider both

sides of being mentored and mentoring others when articulating a vision statement and the role of the church.

The following guidelines will direct the development of your work:

Articulate a vision for mentoring that includes a biblical rationale. Be sure to discuss how pastoral mentoring is necessary

for ministerial effectiveness and longevity. Be specific in what you desire to achieve in these relationships.

Discuss the role of the local church as you seek to be mentored and mentor others. In other words, to what extent is your

church involved in creating mentor relationships?

Part 2: Implementation

The following guidelines are meant for you to articulate how you will put your mentoring plan into practice. Your response

should include interaction with the following questions.

How will you choose those whom you mentor?

Describe the structure of how mentors will disciple others.

Describe the content you plan to use in mentoring others.

Describe your method for implementation. You can use your current ministerial setting. If you are not currently in ministry,

describe how you will implement your program in any church within your faith tradition.

Describe any potential challenges that exist in mentoring according to your faith tradition.