Benchmark – Network Threat Identification

To properly defend a given network, Cyber Security Specialists have to be able to identify threats as they appear on a network in order to mitigate their longstanding affects, should they go undetected.

Using a free timeline creator of your choice (must have download capabilities), create a timeline that outlines the history and evolution of cybersecurity threats.

A history of viruses, malware, and other recurring software enigmas
A history and explanation of the birth of ransomware
The evolution of firewalls and other network security defense systems
The initiation of white hat vs. black hat hacking
The evolution of tools (software and hardware) used to mitigate cybersecurity threats
The historical exploits affecting current security architecture and deployment
Then, in a 250- to 500-word document, explain how the evolution of cybersecurity threat solutions and cybersecurity laws affect security architecture and design. Provide supporting rationales with concrete evidence.