Benchmarking for Best Practice in Quality Management System


I need the writer to write part of a literature review for the mentioned topic for a dissertation report of MSc in Project Management , with the Report′s aim of: The aim of this research is to investigate the applicable solutions from benchmarking Quality Management System (QMS) for best practice to overcome the current challenges in the QMS of a certain company. and the objectives that i need the writer to write about are: 1- Identify and assess the success factors of Quality Management System (QMS). 2- Identify and evaluate the drivers of implementation of QMS. 3- Identify and examine the barriers of implementation of QMS. 4- Study the theory and technique of benchmarking QMS for best practice. The writer should find articles and books that are related to the subject aim and objectives to make up the literature review with an appropriate diagrams, figures, and tables. Referring should be Harvard style with page numbers for in-text references.