Benefits and Compesation


This assignment enables the student to integrate and build onto what has been covered in the course by writing a research paper that goes beyond the material in the text. The student selects one of
the major theoretical perspectives of HR discussed in the course and produces a research paper (10-12 pages including front and end matter) on that topic.1. Conduct research within the literature
related to your topic area to expand your knowledge within the specific area of scholarly work relevant to your problem. More specifically, you must know in detail prior theory and research that
have addressed your chosen topic. If you are unaware of relevant prior theory and research, you risk recreating the wheel. Further, a paper that reveals a lack of knowledge of prior work lacks
credibility. You should discuss no less than 7 scholarly resources in this section. 2. Address how the varied perspectives relate to or complement what has been discussed in the text or online
course materials. 3. Describe how a practicing manager might make use of what you have found to better manage human resources.