Best Practices in Team Interaction


Paper details:

For this assignment, research best practices in team interactions- Your research should reflect mostly professionally peer-reviewed journal
articles- However,
if you gather some of the information from an organization’s Web site, that can be appropriate as well-
Conduct research to complete the following- In a Word document, address the following:

Analyze characteristics of effective team leadership-

Examine models of effective team leadership-

Propose interventions to promote collaboration and goal attainment-

Recommend a game plan for conflict resolution within a team-

Submission Requirements

Written communication: Writing should be free from errors that detract from the overall message-

APA formatting: Format resources and citations according to the current APA style and formatting manual-
Number of resources: Minimum of 3-5 resources-

Length of paper- 3-5 typed double-spaced pages-

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point-