Biblical Foundations

Biblical Foundations

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Submit your Biblical Philosophy of Teaching through the View/Complete link below.

Your paper should reflect critical thinking and synthesis of material gathered in reading, in Scripture, and in the notes you have taken from the class notes.

Additional sources may be consulted. You are required to reflect upon the biblical and theological content and provide practical application to ministry. Your target

audience is the lay-person in the church—those who are training as leaders in a teaching ministry position. You are training new people for positions such as Sunday

School or Bible Study leaders, small group leaders etc. Discussion Board responses will address issues included in these papers.

Each paper should express your personal philosophy of the biblical and theological foundations of teaching and learning in the church as they are applied to ministry.

The grade for this assignment will be based on thoroughness, biblical references, appropriately cited sources, application of the content to ministry, and academic

writing style. Specific guidelines for each paper will be provided in the class notes. The four segments of the paper combine to make a narrative that reflects the

student’s personal philosophy of Christian Education.