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Survey of Economics – Biblical Perspective


The Law of Process

Flead “The Law of Process: Leadership Begins with Eight Characteristics” and passage
2 Peter 1:5-11. After reading this passage, what leader characteristic do you find most
valuable? Give an example of how you have seen it demonstrated by leaders in your
church or school- What Leadership Characteristic do you possess strongly and why?
Flead “Leadership Motive Check” and passage 1 Peter 5:1 -4. Of the motive checks
listed, which one gives you the most challenge? What can you do to remind yourself to
ensure it doesn’t take root in your life?

Formatting notes: Use The Maxwell Leadership Bible for inspiration and study. Write a
two-page (minimum) summary of the devotional and its application to business. You
may cite other scripture or outside sources in support of your responses-

Outside of a clear, concise response, I will be looking for the sample front cover sheet
from our syllabus to be included in the assignment. In addition, please use correct
grammar and a properly formatted APA style paper to include Times New Roman 12-
point font, double-space, and 1 inch margins. In addition, I would encourage you to
use the standard outline of a good essay – an introduction, 3 question content for your
body, and a conclusion- Lastly, be sure to cite any sources and include a reference
page at the end of your assignment. Attach below in a -doc, -docx, or -rtf format.

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