Biblically Sound Finances


Some of the most common struggles in a family and between husband and wife are related in one way or another to finances. As Christians, we are blessed that God has provided some basic principles that will help to guide us in making financial decisions. For this week’s assignment, you will be putting together a financial tip sheet based on biblical principles. Before beginning, make sure to complete the weekly readings as well as conduct your own research into biblical financial principles.
For your tip sheet, you will come up with eight financial tips (numbered one to eight) that married couples struggling with finances would find beneficial. You will provide the tip and then under that tip, in three to four sentences explain the tip and share how the tip is supported by a biblical principle.
This paper should be double-spaced and written in proper APA or Turabian format. In addition to the body of your paper, you should also include a cover page and a reference page.