As a young college student, Jerry has found himself behind on several important bills. Faced with the reality of living without electricity, water and gas, Jerry decided that drastic measures were required to settle his debt and establish economic stability until he finishes his college degree. Three months earlier, Jerry’s kidneys were tested for donor compatibility in order to save the life of his ailing father. Unfortunately, neither he nor anyone else on the donor lists matched. One month later, Jerry lost his father and his financial security. With his current financial crises and knowledge of his blood and tissue type, Jerry decided to sell his kidney through an add on Craigslist for $25,000.00 Within hours his inbox was full of requests from potential buyers who were desperate for a transplant. Unfortunately for Jerry, he was informed that it was illegal for individuals to sell their own organs.
Research the National Organ Transplant Act. Why do you think such a law was needed? Do you believe people have just as much right to profit from selling personal organs as the Medical Industry? Do you think that commoditizing organ sales would help those awaiting organ transplants? What concerns might you have about the commoditization of human organs?