bioethics/human cloning




THERAPEUTIC CLONING is cloning done for the sake of extracting stem cells for

research puposes-

REPRODUCTIVE CLONING is cloning done for the sake of making another living being

like Dolly the sheep or you or me- Therapeutic cloning is allowed in the US-

Reproductive cloning of human beings is illegal everywhere in the world-

Now here is the question I would like you to think about: a clone of a human being is a

developing human being whether it is created for therapeutic or reproductive

purposes- At the same time, I do not own my clone- At this time the research

institution that creates my clone for research pwposes is ultimately responsible for it-

Corporations specializing in biomedical research and research schools who receive

much of their funding from the government and such corporations are ultimately the

legal parents’ of the human clones they create-

Is ownership of human clones ownership of human beings?

Please addess the dimmion scenario & question-

The format for the argument/counter-argument and conclusion are very important-

Instructions are included in the attachment- The format is very specific and must be