BioLaurus – Healthcare Technology


In this paper please answer the following questions below. Please be detailed. This paper is on BioLaurus as a case study. BioLaurus is a specialty preclinical contract consulting and research services company. It provides dynamic molecular imaging solutions to partners in global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academia to provide capabilities to support organizations involved in research and healthcare. One of the technological services that it delivers is medical 3D printing, used to produce implantation devices, instrumentation devices, and prosthesis devices. (I will attach more back ground for informational purposes only) (1)Specify the economic opportunity for your client(BioLaurus – Healthcare Technology) in this industry (lots of Buyers?). What is the size and projected growth of Buyers in this industry? (2) Then comment on the strategy implications for your client (BioLaurus – Healthcare Technology) of both opportunity and threat factors. (3)Recommend at least 3 strategies for your client (BioLaurus – Healthcare Technology) to mitigate global risk (threat factors).