Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical Informatics

Project description
Course Title: Directed Research / Project Course Number: BINF6000 Office: Rm.350 SSB Credits: 6 credits Course Goals The Masters directed research / project is

designed to develop the students ability to provide a contribution to the field of Biomedical Informatics such as filling an empirical, theoretical, and/or

methodological gap. The principal goal is that the student should demonstrate, through his/her written thesis/project report an ability to plan, conduct, and present

an investigation of relevance to the area of Biomedical Informatics. Course Prerequisites Before registering for BINF6000 the student should have successfully

completed at least 27 credits out of the 36 credits required for graduation from the Masters degree program in Biomedical Informatics.. Course Outcomes The students

should be able to 1. select an appropriate topic and formulate relevant research questions or a developmental methodology capable of being assessed or implemented in a

timely manner 2. perform literature search, assimilate and critically evaluate scientific publications 3. explain the place of their research or project in relation to

the biomedical informatics body of knowledge 4. submit a written report of their project/thesis Course Schedule
1. During registration for BINF6000 the student should choose a project supervisor from the faculty of the department. (Note: The chosen project supervisor need not be

the same faculty member who has been their program advisor) 2. In consultation with the project supervisor the student should come up with a Thesis/Project Proposal

(described below) 3. The student and the project supervisor would be required to meet on a mutually convenient schedule to ensure that the project progresses towards a

successful completion.
4. Upon nearing completion of the thesis/project work (as determined by the project supervisor) the student will submit a written thesis/project report (as described

below). 5. Based on the quality and sufficiency of the students written thesis/report a grade of pass/fail will be awarded to the student (see grading policy below).
Master’s Thesis/Project Proposal The proposal for the Master’s thesis/project should establish to the project supervisor that the level of the thesis/project is

appropriate for a Master’s degree candidate. The topic of the thesis/project could be given by the supervisor and/or by the student. The following features should

appear in the proposal: 1. Problem – Provides a brief statement of the problem, need or questions investigated. 2. Literature Brief reviews and analyses of the

relevant literature. 3. Method An overview of the research design to be implemented. 4. Preliminary results (if any). 5. Project Time-Table as a Gantt chart (an

example of which will provided by the supervisor) outlining the activities planned over a period of 2 semesters.
Master’s Written Thesis/Project Report The report is produced with guidance from the project supervisor. It is typically 30 – 40 pages long, and is organized in the

same way a thesis or a published paper is organized. Essentially it should have the following components: 1. Problem – Provides a concise statement of the problem,

need or questions investigated. 2. Literature – Critically reviews and analyses the professional literature relevant to the problem investigated. 3. Method – Describes

the research design in enough detail to permit replication. 4. Results – Presents findings clearly, discussing the theoretical and practical significance. 5.

Conclusions – States conclusions, discusses applications and extension of the completed research. Grading Policy The following grading system is used: Pass (70% or

more) & Fail (less than 70%). The decision of Pass/Fail is made by the supervisor and the advisory committee based on satisfactory compliance with the five course

outcomes stated above.
Since BINF6000 is a Pass/Fail type of course, accordingly in the first semester only a grade of IP (in progress) will be provided and subsequently at the successful

completion of the thesis project the grade of IP will be changed to P. Furthermore, the total amount of 6 credits is awarded only when the grade is changed from IP to

P. In the same context, as per the rule of the registrar’s office, the student has a maximum of one year from the date of registration to complete the course failing

which he/she has to re-register for the course.
In case of a Fail grade supplementary work may be given on a case by case basis. Any such supplementary work should be completed and delivered to the supervisor within

four weeks of the final presentation. Based on a satisfactory completion of the supplemental work the grade of Fail would be changed to a grade of Pass.


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