“Black Men and Public Space” written by Brent Staples.


Interpretive Analysis Essay

Write an essay in which you expound on an idea you encounter in a text and provide a context for that idea, digging into its relevance and significance. What has the writer said that is particularly worth understanding? Nothing has meaning in isolation, so what is required in order to understand what has been said? In what ways is this idea complex or complicated?

Your thesis will focus on why and how reading and understanding the work is important to us.

Choose from Sanders, Staples, Tillich, Thoreau

1500 words
(PS: The article I chose is “Black Men and Public Space” written by Brent Staples. You have to read it and then follow the requirement steps. I uploading the picture of the article of my text book, to help you ensure the same version you search and read online. And I also share the sample of this assigment which is posted by my professor. I hope the sample could help you recognize the structure of essay more clearly.)