Blast furnace leaflet showing reactions that take place inside

Blast furnace leaflet showing reactions that take place inside

Project description
1.Make a leaflet showing the reactions that take place inside a blast furnace and during the extraction of aluminium by electrolysis. Identify all oxidation and reduction reactions when required. Show the half reactions of all required reactions. (A.C. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)

Write equations for the reactions in the blast furnace for the extraction of iron, identifying those which involve oxidation and/or reduction
Write a half equation for the reduction of iron from iron(III) ions
Write half equations for reactions at the anode and cathode in the industrial electrolysis of molten Aluminium oxide
No pictures to be used in the work.
Use MS word format.
Reference should be in a different page titled references.

After the outline above, the work should show follow the criteria outlined below.
Understanding the Subject:

Equations will be accurately completed, with consistently correct balancing, charges and state symbols. Equations will clearly state whether oxidation or reduction has taken place. Oxidation numbers will be clearly linked to the atom within the molecule for all atoms within this assignment. When writing half equations for the electrolysis of aluminium you will explicitly highlight which is for the anode and which is for the cathode and explain why. When predicting the outcome of displacement reactions calculations must be consistently accurate.

Application of Skills:

Titrations will be accurately carried out to 0.05cm3 accuracy, calculations will be correct to within 2% of the known value and written formula, number formula and answer will be shown when completing calculations. The burette is filled safely with the correct reagent (including below the tap). The pipette and filler, burette and conical flask are all used correctly. The titration results are concordant and the average titre is accurate. Displacement reactions must be carried out with a high degree of professionalism to achieve the correct experimental results. Cell E.M.Fs will consistently be calculated correctly.


Calculations will be carried out showing all appropriate stages of your working out. The calculations will be clear and completed with little crossing out. The work will have very few spelling or grammar errors. The Harvard Referencing System will be used appropriately and accurately in your bibliography and your in text referencing.