Blockbusters, Korean Style’

In her book chapter ‘Blockbusters, Korean Style’ Jinhee CHOI argues that recent South Korean blockbuster films “borrow Hollywood film style and fashion it so as to incorporate recent Korean experience” (2014, p.58). Discuss the relationship between Hollyw

concerns about what is shown in the movie and the filmmaking style concerns how certain effects are achieved?
• Discuss how korean blockbuster borrow hollywood into their production of their film
• Narrative structure
• Striaghtforward story narrative structure
• Spectacle characterization

Transnational circulation:
– Can discuss about the platforms/channels through which the films are circulated
– Regions or countries in which the films are screened, reception of a blockbuster film outside S. Korea, or even promotion/marketing of the film outside S. Korea
– Can discuss the Korean models in relation to the Hollywood