CHOOSE just one (1) of the options that most interests you to blog about

Option 1:
Imagine a parent of a pre-teen who is about to have “The Talk” with him/her. Please write the scenario (where/when/how) the talk would take place and exactly what the parent should say. Include any resources the parent might recommend to the pre-teen, or questions (and their answers) the parent should anticipate. Before creating the scenario, please refer to the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT) Sexual Health Curriculum Guide. (Links to an external site.)
Scroll down to read the info for the age of child in your scenario. The age range is listed in the top right hand corner beginning with page 4. Mention this guide in your blog: wisdom and insight it provided, ways you agree or disagree with the guidelines, etc. (Links to an external site.)

Option 2:
Find an article relating to the attitudes, knowledge, and/or beliefs of women in a country outside of the U.S. on contraception using the TWU databases. Discuss this article and your own insights to your peers. Be sure to cite the article using APA at the end and briefly summarize it to your peers before adding your comments. Here’s how to cite: Author, A. (year).