“blood-child” by Octavia Butler

Make sure that your thesis statement contains an argument about the issue of collective vs individual rights and uses the short story to frame this argument. For example:
Although the protagonist in Octavia Butler’s “Bloodchild” decides to sacrifice himself to protect his family and community, in the real world asking such a sacrifice would be too extreme, and in times of need—such as war or famine—people could not be depended upon to do so; thus, we must depend on government regulations such as mandatory military service for the greater good of all.
You will want to spend a paragraph or so outlining the theme of your short story—but don’t merely summarize the plot of this story. Rather, try to concentrate on the elements that are most relevant to your larger topic. After that, you will want to start introducing your other sources. Be sure to refer back to your story to help you think through your topic.

There are a lot of moving pieces in this essay, so it is best to start early and consult your professor is you have any questions![1]


Tips for writing this essay:

This essay MUST be written in the third-person POV. You may not use “I” or “you.”
Start with a strong thesis that outlines your argument and the connections you are going to draw between the texts.
Use your research to support your specific points—don’t simply paste chunks from your sources into your paper without analysis.
Spend enough space with each source that you use. Don’t devote half of your paper to any one source.
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