Show a videoclip of one particular event and then describe the energy demands of that particular event on the human body. Talk about the length of a typical event in minutes/seconds/hours etc. and relate that to which of the energy systems will be dominant during each phase of the event (break it down if the event has, for example a jump, sprint, turn, held position etc.) Give your overall impressions of what type of athlete this event requires e.g. aerobic, anaerobic, combination. Talk about actual energy demands of that sport if you can find them (kcals, diet, supplementation etc.). 20 points.

Slide 4/5: What is the physiology of that event? Which of the human body’s systems will be utilized and in what way/ e.g. Cardiovascular, respiratory, neuro, muscular, sensory and proprioceptive. Can you find data on the physiological difference between a regular human body and that of an elite athlete in this particular event e.g. resting heart rate, lung capacity, VO2, VO2 max, strength of particular muscles, sensory ability (proprioception), accuracy, endurance, balance, visual acuity, reaction time