Bond Market

Bond Market

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1: Bond Market

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Describe and address:
• How to calculate the expected rate of return of the investment

• Why it is best practice to subtract the expected rate of return of 15% from each of the possible rates of return and square the difference?

• Explain the purpose for multiplying the squared differences calculated in step 2 by the probability that those outcomes will occur

• Why it is necessary to sum all the values calculated in step 3 together?

• What does the square root of the variance calculated in step 4 describe?
Step 3: Asses and Conclude
• Assess whether it is possible to diversify away the risk inherent in investments

• Assess whether the standard deviation of a portfolio is, or is not, a weighted average of the standard deviations of the assets in the portfolio

• Write a brief summary conclusion of what you have learned about “standard deviation” and how it is used quantify risk

2:Discuss how globalization has affected organised crime

3: Quantitative Analysis for Management Decisions

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What is a “substantive” answer? It is a well-thought-out response that answers a question completely. It may cite other material or sources or it may not. It also
explains “why” or “why not”. It is written in complete sentences with correct grammar. There must be evidence that you have actually thought about the question. APA
format required. One page for each response.

DQ 1
Converting data into information to understand past and current performance is the core of descriptive analytics and is vital to making good business decisions.
Choose an industry example of interest to you, and describe the details of a specific graphical representation of the distribution of data—a histogram. What is the
business or economic scenario?
Where would you find the data you needed to create your histogram? Which company reports or documents would you use for your research?
DQ 2
Numerical measures provide an effective and efficient way of obtaining meaningful information from data.
Correlation is a measure of the linear relationship between two variables, such as economic growth [measured by GDP; Gross Domestic Product] and a company’s
Choose an industry/company and provide a graph of its sales versus GDP. Examine/observe the correlation, the linkage, between the industry/company’s sales revenue and
economic growth, measured by GDP.
What are your observations?