Boy in the stripped Pyjamas

  1. Note the exact characters and their roles as they develop in the film. Note how these characters’ lines are scripted and the music that plays in the film with each character.
  2. How do these elements create the delivery of the message of the story.
  3. You need to be more comprehensive in your reviews and specifically develop the scenes linked to the aesthetic elements you are observing. What are the names of songs, what are the lyrics. what are the scenes where you see the music being played. Who are the performers of the music?
  4. How does the costuming affect the characters? Where do you find the characters, inside, outside, on a beach, in the wind?
  5. How does the camera used blurred images and distorted sounds? What are the reasons for this?
  6. What techniques are used to demonstrate the primary characters perspective? If one of the characters can not speak how is that individual’s point of view portrayed?
  7. Are there recurrent motifs of flowers or music or ocean scenes that bring a level of meaning to the story?
  8. Explore and develop your analysis based on the scenes in the film and the story. Refrain from naming something “dreary” describe fully how the sound is dreary. Is it muted, is it a single instrument playing a song (name the song) that demonstrates how the character is feeling. DESCRIBE fully what you see, what you hear and how it can be interpreted into the story line as linked to the specificity of scenes.
  9. Then interpret and analyze the family and their background such as race, culture, ethnicity. So look at the Credits.