Brand management

You are the Assistant Brand Manager for an FMCG brand of your choice. You have been tasked to write a plan to revive and grow your brand. In order to do so you must produce a comprehensive report.

a) Outline the history of the brand, the brand’s role within the organisation and its position in the market
b) Describe in detail the nature of its difficulties and provide reasons for these difficulties. You may use the Customer Based Brand Equity model by Keller as a framework for your analysis.
c) Based on your analysis, prepare a brand plan for the next two years, aimed at overcoming the current difficulties and improving upon the brand’s market position.
d) You should provide a detailed explanation and justification of your intended brand management strategy for the future, stating specific decisions in relation to: (i) pursuing a market differentiation strategy Vs aiming for market distinctiveness; (ii) which secondary associations (e.g. co-branding, brand extension/stretching, endorsement etc.) you plan leveraging on
e) A final discussion of the implications of your brand management strategy