Breakdown in communication

Consider this statement as you study content this week: Nurses must synthesize nursing science and knowledge from other disciplines to provide excellent care for all patients.
Step 1: Case Study
Sam is a student nurse assigned to clinicals on a busy medical-surgical unit. He asks the nurse aide to walk the patient in Room 244 while he assists a staff nurse admit a patient. The patient in Room 244 is a post angioplasty, and it would be the first time he has ambulated since the procedure. Sam tells the nurse aide to walk the patient only to the nurse’s station and back. He also says that if the patient’s heart rate raises more than 20 beats/min above the resting rate, the aide should stop, have the patient sit, and inform Sam immediately.
The nurse aide misunderstands Sam’s instructions and instead ambulates the patient in Room 234, who is 3 days post-hysterectomy and has been walking in the halls for 2 days.
Step 2: Evaluate and Research
Answer the following questions:
Did Sam appropriately delegate in this scenario? If not, which of the rights of delegation was not followed? Why?
Where did the breakdown in communication occur?
Who would be accountable for the outcomes if the patient in Room 234 had fallen and broken a hip during ambulation? Would it be Sam, who directed the aide to ambulate the patient in Room 244, or the nurse aide, who actually ambulated the patient in Room 234?