Breakfast Product Development Proposal

Using appropriate marketing terms and concepts, write a 500-750 word proposal recommending your company to develop your best idea from the assignment, Product Ideation and Screening. NOTE: The content of your brief should be appropriate reading for an experienced manager in the ready-to-eat breakfast food industry.
Header: Begin with a memo-style header.
Introduction: In a paragraph or two, introduce the subject of your proposal.
Market Opportunity: In a section headed “Market Opportunity,” provide four to five paragraphs in support of your idea. You will likely want to include: a summary of the unmet or underserved want, a description of the size and characteristics of the target market, competition, direct and indirect substitutes, alignment of the product with the company, and any other key aspects that support the company moving forward with your idea.
Recommendation: In a one to three paragraph section headed “Recommendation,” describe the next steps you are recommending the company take.