Breast Cancer Project

Rationale: Chapter 2)
• Provide a rationale of your proposed program.
o Provide Statistics to show the problem form a large picture (global, national, & state data )
o Connect to a HealthyPeople goals / objective
o Narrow to show relationship with target population (local data)
Proposed solution to the problem
o What can be gained from such a program (value and benefits to the decision makers)
o Why will this be successful?

  • Cite sources where appropriate and include references.
    Assessing Needs: Chapter 4 – 5)
    . What primary data was collected
    o What sources did you use to collect primary data?
    o Provide an example of the instrument used to collect this data,
    o What did the data tell you about this topic and population? What secondary data was collected?
    o What sources did you use to collect secondary data?
    o What did the data tell you about this topic and population?
    Mission Statement: (Chapter 6)
    Identify the mission statement that describes the general focus or purpose of this program.
    Goal and Objectives: Chapter 6) .
    Identify the main goal of the program intervention.
    Identify SMART objectives for the program (at least one in each of the 3 areas):
    o Process
    o Impact
    o Outcome
    theory (chapter 6)
    what health behavior theory would you use?
    Explain how you would use this theory in your program intervention.
    Intervention (Chapter 8 )
    Identity which CDC classification strategy you would use?
    • provide a brief summary of the intervention / program.
    Resources: Chapter 10)
    . Create a realistic budget with specific resources / items and estimated cost for all resources needed for your program.
    o Identify appropriate resources mentioned in this chapter.
    Marketing: (Chapter 11)
    . Identify the 4Ps of the marketing mix. Look at table 11. 1 for examples.
    Create a promotional piece encourage people to attend your intervention / program.
    o Make sure to address the basic: Who, What, When, Where , and Why
    Implementation (Chapter 12)
    . Include a basic logic model
    . Create a task development timeline for your program intervention.
    Evaluation (Chapter 13 – 15)
    . Identify what evaluation design you plan to use for the program intervention you are planning, Explain why you chose this design , and list the strengths and weaknesses of the design .
    Create a table identifying all of your objectives and provide an example of what you will create and / or do to collect data to show if you were able to meet that objective or not.