British Airways competition to USA

British Airways competition to USA

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This assignment asks you to critically evaluate the global marketing approach, rationale and success of British Airways Plc within the last 10 years (2004-2014).

The Annual Report only presents financial data for UK, USA and the Rest of the World, as network passenger and cargo operations are managed as one SBU. So you many choose a region and focus your analysis on key countries. For example you may choose to focus on the new route to China (September 2013).

Please note that the country i am doing for this report is USA all no specific route

the points i want you to cover in this report no need to have intro for BA as i have that ready:

1- who are BA main competitors in that market (USA)
2- how BA is responding to them.
3- how BA expanded routes to USA and how many destinations they fly to in USA. how many flights they have per day, week to different cities there. Also how many flights and routes they had back in 2000 and now.
4- traffic how many passengers travel by BA to USA yearly from 2004 to 2014.
5- please include figures and diagrams in the report for all points above. I will upload reports that would help in the research.