BSBWRK510: Assessment 1

BSBWRK510: Assessment 1

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BSBWRK510: Assessment 1
What you have to do
There are two tasks in this assessment. Task one requires you to respond to specific questions about the Industrial / Employee Relations environment in Australia.
Reference should be made to your unit notes, reference books (such as Jones, R Martain, S (2013) Managing Human Resource Systems edition 3) and internet research.
Task two requires you to research the materials on the STAR Industries intranet and analyse these and then respond to two questions asking you to make recommendations
based on these. The STAR intranet can be accessed on the OLS/Resources page for this unit’s learning materials. STAR Industries is a fictitious company. Careful and
thorough analysis of the materials will reveal many useful documents, reports, correspondence and discussions that have been designed to support the student with
materials to use in this course.
Q&A (question and answer) format is appropriate for this assessment (a formal report is not required). However, as this is a business course, at Diploma level, a
professionally researched, written and presented document is expected. Your total word count for the whole assessment should be approx. 1500 words.
You will be marked on the depth and quality of your research in Task 1 and the quality of your analysis and recommendations in Task 2.
As a Diploma student you are required to read and research widely. You must include a bibliography with your assessment as evidence of the research you have conducted.
If you provide direct quotes you should reference these both in-text and with a reference list.
You must pass all three assessments in this unit to pass this unit, each are of equal value.
Task 1 – I.R. Environment.

Q1.1 Identify and briefly describe the roles of the key entities in the current Australian Industrial Relations system.

Q1.2 List in able such as the one below, the relevant industrial, workplace health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation in
federal, state and territory jurisdictions.

(There is a table to be inserted here I will have to send separately as your download doesn’t allow it in table form)

Q1 .3 Provide a 3-4 paragraph overview of the current Australian Industrial Relations system and the relevant legislation.

Q1.4 Briefly outline the difference in the concepts of INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS and EMPLOYEE RELATIONS.

Q1.5 Describe the enterprise and workplace bargaining processes in the current Australian Federal IR system.

Task 2 – Analysis and Application

Q2.1 Reviewing all of the relevant documents contained on the STAR intranet, how would you summarise STAR’s existing employee relations performance in relation to its
workforce objectives?
• Excellent, or
• Adequate, or
• Poor.
Briefly describe the reasons why you have chosen this and give examples to support this view.

Q2.2 What are the three (3) most critical actions you would recommend taking or implementing to improve employee relations at STAR? Briefly evaluate your recommended
options in terms of cost-benefit, risk-analysis and current legislative requirements.

I have:
• Completed ALL questions in this assessment task
• Included a bibliography and a reference list
• Included my name, student number, unit number, assessment number
• Reviewed and spell checked my document
• Saved a copy on my own computer.